06 January 2014

A workflow to get Oracle Clusterware/grid and Database installed can be as follow:


This task can be a big challenge at firt sight, with practice, and some of trial-error you will came with a recipe book, steps to perform your own installation.

What about automated install from scratch, from Create the VM until Get everything sorted?

Let's say:

  • Create the VM,
  • Setup memory,
  • Setup cpu,
  • Create and attach 2nd, 3rd, 4th hard disk,
  • Install OS,
  • Format and mount 2nd disk as /u01,
  • Formant and mount 3rd and 4th disk as /u02 and /u03,
  • Install LXC,
  • Create a base lxc guest,
  • Attach /u01, /u02 and /u03 to the lxc guest,
  • Install all the oracle clusterware/grid and database pre-requirements on this base lxc guest,
  • Create grid and oracle users and related groups on the lxc guest,
  • Setup limits.conf and sysctl.conf on the lxc guest,
  • Install clusterware/grid on the lxc guest,
  • Update OPatch on clusterware/grid on the lxc guest,
  • Apply PSU/CPU on clusterware/grid on the lxc guest,
  • Install database binaries on the lxc guest

  • Clone base lxc guest into server1,

  • Configure clusterware/grid into server1,
  • Create LISTENER into server1,
  • Update OPatch on database into server1,
  • Apply PSU/CPU on database into server1,
  • Create a db called db into server1,
  • Clone db to disk as copy into server1

  • Clone base lxc into server2,

  • Move db from disk of server1 into server2,
  • Configure clusterware/grid into server2,
  • Create LISTENER into server2,
  • Update OPatch on database into server2,
  • Apply PSU/CPU on database into server2,
  • Configure db as empty db on server2,
  • Restore controlfile from copy on disk on server2
  • Perform a restore of db on server2 from copy on disk,
  • Perform a recover of db on server2,
  • Open db with resetlogs and shutdown on server2,
  • Register db on srvctl on server2,
  • Start db on server2 with srvctl

Doable? In a fully automated hands free way?

The below video start creating the lxc guest client:


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